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Expressive Sentence Exercise Was A Great Success

Posted in Design, LinkedIn, Process, Student Work, Teaching by ayanabaltrip on 2009/09/23

The MMSP 125 students assembled in teams of 2-4 and had to typographically design/illustrate their given sentence. Part of this exercise required the students to collaborate and reach a consensus on the design and design parameters. The concepts that evolved were quite good. The students shared that the collaborative process went smooth in some instances, and not so smooth in others. The other challenge was that the exercise had to be executed by hand. The students did not have to present a slick design, just a clear rendering of the concept.

Nice work all around.


Will Design Students Find Work After Completion of Studies?

Posted in Commentary, Design Matters, LinkedIn, Teaching by ayanabaltrip on 2009/08/10

GD Studio 1 students are doing great work. They’re really a good bunch. I’m starting to wonder, given the current state of the economy, what future in graphic design do they have. Most certainly, students must be great designers, demonstrating fully, their understanding of the design fundamentals and their application. They also must be well versed in design for interaction as well as print. Please share your thoughts with them.

“Value” Is Once Again Driving Design

Posted in Commentary, LinkedIn, Teaching by ayanabaltrip on 2009/06/24

In recent blog posts and articles designers and business people have been writing about garnering, what I call, “value” in what we create. This word value has finally come to the forefront again of many discussions, both within design, business, and design education communities.

All this buzz around once again putting value in what designers create to the top of the discussion is very exciting to me as a design educator. Over recent semesters, I’ve found it rather difficult in conveying this need to students. One of the reasons that comes to mind as to why this was happening is the desire and perhaps in some cases, the false perceived need in some companies minds to imitate or copy products and services that have been commercially successful in the market place. Hence, students seem, to just want to imitate or copy what has already been done. Innovation and thought seem to reside on some other planet for many students.

With the need to garner “value” in what designers create and companies market again being seen as critical, I now have tools that I can use to guide students to this framework of thinking.

What are your thoughts on this topic?