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2010 Calendar Cover Design For Mick Guzman Photography

Posted in Design, LinkedIn, News, Photography, Process, Work by ayanabaltrip on 2009/11/15

I just designed the cover for Mick Guzman Photography’s 2010 Brooklyn Bridge Calendar. Two design directions were presented with three variations for design #2. The third variation was chosen as the final design.

brooklynbridge covshot final1

Final Design (Third variation of design two)

brooklynbridge covshot 2a4

Second variation of design two.

brooklynbridge covshot 23

Design Two

brooklynbridge covshot 14

Design One

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Jimmy Bosch Solo At The Spanish Harlem Orchestra Show/10-20-09 in San Francisco

Posted in Photography by ayanabaltrip on 2009/10/26

Reliving my days as a photographer of so many great musicians. Two of my shots of Jimmy Bosch doing what he does, oh so well. That’s Mitch Frohman in the background. More of my musician shots can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ayanabaltrip/,

jbosch1 blog

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jbosch2 blog

© 2009 Ayana Baltrip Balagas-All Rights Reserved