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The Importance of Creating A Compelling Context Using Visuals

Posted in Design, Design Matters, LinkedIn, Process by ayanabaltrip on 2010/02/16

When I start a new graphic design project, I’m always looking for how to effectively create a compelling context using images and typography to convey my client’s message to their audience to illicit the desired response: buy the service or product, or attend the event. This is, in my opinion our charge as graphic designers. As design educators, I and colleagues are charged with helping our students develop skills in an environment that promotes the understanding of creating that context for a project using visuals that will be successful in its intent.

Given this, I am sharing VizThink’s (vizthink.com) following repost of [Rewind] An Interview with Jessica Hagy of ‘This is Indexed’
(Thanks to Irene Nelson of irenenelson.com for her tweet that led me to this post that I am sharing.)

Below is the audio podcast, but please also visit VisThink’s site for the complete podcast with visuals.